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Transform International Consultants (TRANSFORM) is a human resource consulting company based in Asia with extensive experience of HR development - including the analysis, design, development and evaluation of HR development programmes for some of the world’s leading companies. Since 1992, its Principal Consultant has worked across the globe with clients in China, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, UK, Italy, Netherlands and the Philippines.  

We work closely with subject experts and corporate HR professionals to analyse, design and develop programmes, tools and resources that contribute to the professionalism and effectiveness of the people, and impact on company performance and the bottom line.

We have designed hundreds of learning and development programmes for all segments of industry, commerce, academia and the public sector, and we have a depth of experience in the development of business-focused solutions that assist organisations in their drive for continuous improvement and productivity.



Welcome to Transform International Consultants

Your Partner in HR consulting, training, & e-Learning.

We have a track record of successful projects for international agencies such as the European Union, United Nations agencies, NGOs and businesses from many sectors. Our sector expertise is in Tourism, with experience in finance and banking, retail, hospitality, transport, telecomms and the utilities.  

  Our Consultants

Our consultants have extensive experience in working with multinational and multilingual clients to develop custom-make solutions to organisational challenges.

We begin with needs analysis through to evaluation, and work closely with clients to find the most appropriate solutions.

  Our Clients

We work with world-class companies – leaders in their fields – and  we have learned how organizations function and the principles and methods to help them achieve their goals.  We seek to develop a professional and trusting relationship with our clients as a prerequisite for a secure and creative business partnership.

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