Our Expertise

When it comes to making a difference in today's competitive business environment - it's your people that make that difference. TRANSFORM can help you identify the areas you need to focus on - and how best to develop, motivate and retain your human assets.


Transform International Consultants

Since its beginning, TRANSFORM has been at the cutting edge of HR training and development. 

We have consulted for multi-national companies, international agencies and non-governmental organisations - providing highly professional, expert support and advice to help enable organisations to achieve their mission and goals.

We provide strategic support in planning HRD and in development needs analysis.

We develop and design curriculum and training programmes to address organisational and business challenges.

With integrity, flexibility and practical application - TRANSFORM always delivers results to its valued clients. 


In practical ways, TRANSFORM can help you: 


  • Analyze and identify the key competencies required for your business
  • Design training courses for self-study or trainer delivery
  • Develop e-learning programmes or re-engineer existing courses
  • Build training manuals for new employees
  • Develop occupational standards
  • Audit your organisation and develop quality systems

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